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Summer Memoirs: Hair Care!

As women of color, we all know how complicated our hair can be, especially during the summer! All the direct sunlight, humidity, and lets not even talk about the damage swimming can bring. All of that being said, I thought it would be a good idea to blog on summer hair care and share some personal tips on ways to take care of your hair during this beautiful season! Now I’m no hair guru, but I am a black woman who like others has to figure out how to maintain her hair during countless summers, and I’d like to think I picked up a few useful tips during the process. I am also not ignorant to the fact that black women’s hair is as diverse as our complexions. So along with my own personal hair care story I’ve asked some of my fellow Young, Black, & Fancy women to share how they battle the summer heat when it comes to hair care! I could think of no better way to share information on this topic than by going to the source itself –- we all we got! lol

ME — My hair is relaxed w/ weave. This summer I decided to completely revamp my normal look by getting a sew-in (I’d been rocking a short hair cut for the past 2 years). I decided on this style b/c I wanted a new look for summer and it didn’t get much newer than adding a full weave. I also knew I was going to be spending the summer in a new city for an internship and I’m really particular about who cuts my hair. So since I wasn’t going to be around my normal hair dressers I figured this was a safer, easier maintenance style.. which it is!

Care: I wash & condition my hair every 2 weeks. Conditioning is very important over the summer. I only use a weightless sheen on it every once and a while. I try to put as little heat on my hair as possible during the summer but when I want to add body I use hot rollers (they literally have changed my life!!! I suggest everyone uses them!!). And my overall"beat the heat" tip is to realize that the heat tends to win, so instead of fighting it find ways to make what the heat does to your hair cute. For example, the humidity makes my hair more “poofy” than bone straight so I embrace the volume and just tame it by brushing it down. Surprisingly I found more people complimenting me on the style so you never know!

Products: Pantene Pro-V Relaxed or Natural For Women of Color’s shampoo & conditioner, Revlon’s heated rollers


 COURTNEY — I'm Short Hair Don’t Give A Care this summer because it fits my face and attitude! Its fun and can change as much as I change my personalities. Over the summer I like to experiment with different lengths i recently (today) cut much hair off of the top for more of a Nia Long style as opposed to my Rihanna inspired coif and dyed it a lighter brown.

CARE: My "beat the heat" tip is to minimize direct heat, when i go to the gym or sweat in my hair i wrap it with Motions Foaming Lotion and sit under the dryer until its dry and then only iron pieces in the front! My lazy girl tip…wear a hat!

PRODUCTS: I use Motions products from holding foam, shampoo, conditioner, to spray and lotion.

—» follow Courtney’s tumblr at superstarism.tumblr.com!


 DEJA — I been fully natural since April of this year so I have a small AfroSince it’s still a little short I just rock a small fro with different hair accessories. Recently I did two strand twist in my hair. 

CARE: My hair routine differs with the season. During the cold months I keep my hair moisturized and in styles such as braids and oil my scalp. In the warmer months I just try to keep it from getting dry by using moisturizers and oils. I wash and deep condition once every week. I don’t use heat on my hair, so my best beat the heat tip would be to keep your hair moisturized. When you’re hair doesn’t get enough moisture it breaks off and humid heat can lead to heat damage. So any type of moisturizer or even protective styles such as braids, sew-ins, and caps help beat the heat.

PRODUCTS: I use a lot of different hair products. But to sum them all up I use a dry shampoo and a moisturizer from Lush which is a cosmetic store that sells vegan hair and body products. I use Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie as a deep conditioner and VO5 Moisture Milks as a regular conditioner. Carol’s Daughter Hair Elixir as either a hot oil treatment or regular scalp oil. 

 —-> follow Deja’s tumblr at soulofablackwoman.tumblr.com!!

ERICA — I have short hair. I’m wearing a weave this summer(sew-in). I like wearing sew-ins in the summer because it keeps me from fixing my natural hair everyday, its a protective style.

CARE: Over the summer I like to use moisturizing products so that my hair wont get dry. I use arigon oil daily and design essentials herbal hydration hair treatment once a week. A great tip to beat the heat” would be to wash your hair at least once a week and deep condition. This will prevent your hair from drying out.

PRODUCTS: Arigon Oil Daily and Design Essentials Herbal Hydration


ASHLEY I am wearing my hair short. A similar version to Meagan Good’s recent haircut, with it being an asymmetric cut. I also have a honey blonde color patch of highlights at the front to add color for the summer. My hair has been short for 3 years now with different styles, but I like this style I’m wearing now bc it is low maintenance, yet very up-to-date and stylish. 

CARE: The maintenance for my hair doesn’t change to much with the seasons. Just for the winter time I may need more moisturizer. But my care for hair usually changes with the style. My cut doesn’t require too much heat. But I do recommend taking hair vitamins on a regular, finding a great moisturizing conditioner and drinking a lot of water. Drinking water not only keeps you and your skin hydrated, it also keeps your hair further moisturized.

PRODUCTS: I use kera care products, aphogee protein treatment, and at times I may change my shampoo and conditioner to sebastian or aveda. I do this to make sure my hair doesn’t become immune to the nutrients of the products from using them all the time. 

—-» follow Ashley’s tumblr at insidethetags.tumblr.com!


My hair is completely natural with some stubborn relaxed ends on the devil strands of my hair. This summer I keep it in the natural state since its harder to keep straight because its so hot and humid here in NC. I’ve been wearing it in twist outs mostly.

CARE: In the summer I tend to put absolutely NO heat on it since the sun really takes a toll on my hair. To "beat-the-heat" stay INSIDE. : ) Keep your hair in a protective style and moisturized. 

 PRODUCTS: I use Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner. Motions CPR Leave-In conditioner. Shea-Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Pure Coconut Oil.


DANAMy hair is relaxed and and its a long, short (if that makes sense) lol but I’m wearing my hair in curls this summer for the most part.

CARE: I’m wearing my hair in curls because the heat brings damage to the hair if you continue to flat iron your hair everyday. Especially if its colored like mine. Over the summer I usually keep it moisturize cause the heat dries it out. 

PRODUCTS: Influance products.


XAVIA — I have natural hair. Right now I’m just doing the “wash and go” but I plan to get twists or another protective style very soon. 

 CARE: In the summer I use conditioner more often than usual because the sun dries it out. I also wear protective styles. I do the same in the winter, but spring and fall don’t require much. To "beat-the-heat" if you’re natural, try creating fun styles with headscarves with a satin cap under them to lock in moisture and protect your hair.

 PRODUCTS:  Beautiful Curls Shampoo, Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave in Conditioner/Detangler, pure shea butter, and The Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream


TAYANNAI have relaxed hair and i find it easier for the summer to just wet it and wear it

CARE & PRODUCTS: My hair gets really dried out in the summer so i’ve found that Olive Oil brand makes a condition PAK and you put it in your hair under a shower cap for an hour and it works wonders!


JAZMINShort natural hair…I wear my hair in two strand twists or in my fro because its just what I like. I’ve been natural for a year in July

CARE: I condition wash it everyday. Just keep your hair moisturized so it doesn’t dry out and fall out. Ive been washing my hair everyday for about 3 weeks…but before it was washing once a week

PRODUCTS: I use organix sulfate free coconut oil shampoo and conditioner.



 SYNNAMAN — I have natural long hair. I have been natural my whole life, I have never had a perm or relaxer whatever its called now lol

CARE:  For the summer I am now wearing it in my natural curly stage because it is a hotter season and maintaining my type of hair is a harder task.

PRODUCTS: As far as products go I use Mizani for shampoo and conditioner

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